Emails spontaneously broken

A user recently reported to me that they were unable to receive a password reset email. Via impersonation, I have verified this from both a testing account and the user’s actual account. Furthermore, it seems that creating a new account also doesn’t send out an email. I’m not entirely sure how to go about debugging this, especially as the test email goes through completely fine. The on-site logs don’t show any bounces or failures, but the emails are verifiably not being received.

We’re using the recommended install on Digital Ocean, but I don’t know what configuration details would be relevant. I can give any details that might be necessary. Thanks!

First step is to make sure you’ve gone through this topic very carefully and completely.

We’ve been active for a bit over two years now; I’ve scoured every corner of that document multiple times

Sidekiq seems to show that most jobs I’m requesting aren’t even being registered. Additionally, activity in general has just plummeted over the past two days (particularly the heartbeat, which is worrying)

/sidekiq/scheduler shows something interesting? Also /logs ?

Disk space? Discourse version? We need more info.

If by chance sidekiq died, doing a command line rebuild should get you back up and running.


That seemed to fix the issue. Thanks!


Hmm, I seem to have run into exactly the same issue. If this was a widespread problem with 1.6.6, which can only really be fixed by a command-line rebuild, is it not worth either finding a way to fix it programmatically in a 1.6.8 release, or communicating the issue and its fix more widely?