Embed a shoutbox


I really miss a shoutbox. I think the biggest factor for the creation of a ‘community’ is to create bonds of friendship. For this is better an informal atmosphere, without the pressure of a ‘topic’. A shoutbox fulfills this role well.

I know there are people developing. But we could try to use a third-party shoutbox while there is no a plugin.

I found this:


It is simple and has a similar design to the Discourse. But the code they provide only worked on the </head>. Would be better in the Header.

If anyone is interested in making tests and find a solution, please, help ^^

sorry for my english

(Pablo Macaluso) #2

Edit “Top” and paste it there.

(mountain) #3

This solution shows one option of using a topic as a chat. Other Discourse forums exist where one topic is designated for short chat-like messages. This might be a suitable replacement for a shoutbox.

(Simon Cossar) #4

That’s a neat idea, but when I clicked on the link to the example a modal dialog opened telling me that I had security issues on my computer.

(mountain) #5

Yikes. I think that site was hacked or something. I just flagged those posts to have the urls removed.

(Simon Cossar) #6

I tried it out. It seems the problem is that it is using document.write to create the shoutbox. Maybe there are ways to still work with it though.