Embed discourse posts on another website

(Vivek) #1

Is it possible to embed the latest discourse posts on another website? Maybe something like an RSS feed?

(Simon) #2

Yes, that’s possible, for example http://meta.discourse.org/latest.rss gives you an RSS feed for the latest topics/posts. Just append .rss to the end of the URL you whish to use as a feed, it works for latest, categories and topics.


Oh, and you also can get JSON instead of RSS for each of those, just append .json instead of .rss

(Justin Gordon) #3

I’m working with “Pros” in the surf world to contribute to http://talksurf.com. Could Pros list their posts automatically on their websites just like it’s possible to link recent GitHub repos on an an Octopress static blog?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Perhaps the rss feed from that user page?

Not sure if user pages have an rss feed yet but that makes the most sense to me.

(system) #5

(Sam Saffron) #6