Embed Discourse with Existing User Profiles?



Is it possible to / has anyone previously tried to, disable the User Profile and User List functionality in Discourse and instead linked users back to their own profile pages in a separate website?

I’m looking for some guidance of whether this has been done before and issues we can expect. From reading this forum I have seen we can integrate our oAuth authentication in and add or remove some fields from the profile, but haven’t seen anyone going as far as to remove / hide the profile pages.

As some background, we are investigating integrating Discourse into our existing Customer Portal site, in which we have existing user registration functions, user profiles and user profile listing, community links etc, the site is only available to registered users. These are all linked to other fuctionality unrelated to the discussions / forum, therefore we don’t want to use the Discourse user profile functionality. The existing site is based on Ember.js, Node & Loopback.

We’re intending to use Discourse to provide forum and discussion functionality for the registered users, and are planning to use a number of the plugins that already exist for Discourse and add discussions to various features like the blog and landing page.

We are a JavaScript development team and have some Ruby experience in the team.

Thanks for your help.