Embed Google Calendar

I would like to embed a Google Calendar into a topic on my forum. I opened a topic and pasted the following customized code from Google Calendar which did not work:

I pasted the following unedited code from the Google Calendar which also did not work:

Is it possible to embed a google calendar? If so, what are the steps? Does anybody know? Thanks!

Are you on latest? As this was just recently fixed so it would one-box correctly


I am hosted currently with DiscourseHosting.com. I will message them right now and ask them, copying them this link. Thanks, cpradio.

They likely have you on a stable release. You can ask them to put you on the beta release, which will likely have these changes or will at least have them within another couple of weeks.

(food for thought)

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Cool. I referred them to this thread in my email to them. A calendar is an integral part of our forum set up so I’m eager to get it sorted (like everyone else probably, lol).

DiscourseHosting.com are awesome. Even though they usually stick to the ‘stable’ version of Discourse, since that would mean I’d have to wait for many months, and since this is important to me, they are going to put the forum onto a server that runs on tests-passed by tonight or tomorrow and will let me know when it’s up. I’ll report in here if I encounter any issues. Assume I don’t have any issues with embedding the calendar if I don’t.

P.S. It works beautifully on the latest version of Discourse. Copy and past the link provided by Google into your topic and you are good to go.