Embed lastest topics in website

(Miguel Ángel López Vicente) #1

I see that it’s possible embed discourse post as comments in websites, but I need show the list of lastets topic.

Is it possible?

I think that, as last option, read the lastest.json and create a JavaScript that create the table…

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Just get the RSS feed and use that. View source to see what it is, search for .rss

(Miguel Ángel López Vicente) #3

But I will create the HTML/CSS in my website. I think a iframe or something.

Well, I will use rss. Thanks.

(Kane York) #4

If you’re willing to put more work into the html/css design, then you could also parse latest.json.

(DanielMorgan) #5

Has anyone set this up using JSON data?

Is there a way to get an RSS feed from a search query or some sort of usable data without using the search box (and not using Google Site Search)?

I would love to be able to embed a little widget that returns threads from a search query. Here’s a bit of code I’m currently using to embed links to recent threads which pulls from RSS: feedexample.html