Embed whitelist blocking all embed urls

Edit: I have solved the issue - see the following comment for details

I am attempting to enable embedded comments for blog posts for my site. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to make it work.

In the embedded comments iframe, the text “Loading Discussion…” is continually shown. When I visit the source of the iframe, I am met with:


The referer did not match any of the following hosts:

* mysite.test/.*
* mysite.com/.*

[Configure Embedding](http://discourse.mysite.com/admin/customize/embedding)

The embed url I am trying to use is: http://mysite.test/news/my-first-prototype however, multiple variations also fail (including https://mysite.com/news/my-first-prototype)

Any ideas? I followed the following topic exactly in setting up embedding:

I’ve figured out what was causing the error: I was attempting to test the system on my local development site, so Discourse was unable to load any content. When using the live site, the error appears to be resolved.