"Embedded comment" topic is pulling the wrong content


(Damien Radtke) #1

I have embedded Discourse comments set up on a site, and for the most part it’s working great, except the topic that gets created contains text taken from a login modal, and doesn’t actually have the contents of the post that the comments are referring to. The “this is a companion discussion topic for the original entry at” link at the bottom of the post points to the correct page, it’s just pulling the wrong content.

Is there a way to tell Discourse exactly which part of the page should be used to create the topic?

(Flimm) #2

There is a way!

In Discourse, go to Admin settings, click Customize, then Embedding. You’ll find a section of settings entitled “Crawler Settings”. In these settings, you can specify CSS selectors to get the content you’re looking for. Here’s a screenshot:


I am not experiencing this same issue, via the Discourse-WP plugin. It happened at the last update.

The Show Full Post button returns the marketing copy from our registration form.

The solution above no longer works. Help!

(Arpit Jalan) #4


I was not able to repro this issue, I just replied with more details on your Discourse instance.