Embedding a live-streaming video in discourse forum

(Blu McCormick) #1


I have no clue how crazy this sounds as an idea to look into. I wasn’t able to find what I wanted to know with the search terms I used. Feel free to direct me to topics, if applicable. Thanks in advance.

Here goes . . .

We’d like to watch live-streamed town council meetings while chatting in the forum in the Babble - A Chat Plugin.

Is there any way to embed that live streaming video into a discourse forum topic so people can access it easily while chatting in the forum chat window?

If not, I am trying to think of the most efficient and tech-friendly way to go . . . the chat would be conducted in the forum chat channel, and we could start a topic with a link to the live streamed meeting. I imagine in that case, people would make thoughtful comments as replies to the topic while being more ad lib in the chat channel . . .

(Paula Kreuzer) #2

I believe this one could be interesting:


we’ve done this many times via youtube. we’ve thrown the video at the top of the forum below the header and it works great. you can even embed the livechat area to the right of it.

looks like this:

video on left, live chat on right.

the code is easy as you can put it in your After Header area:

Code is:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/live_stream?channel=INSERT_ID_HEREEEEEEEEEE&autoplay=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/live_chat?v=INSERT_ID_HEREEEEEEEE&embed_domain=INSERT_DOMAIN_HERE_NO_HTTP://" width="480"></iframe>

<br /><br />

:point_up: you’ll have 3 things to change… look at the code.

(Blu McCormick) #4

Thanks, 8BIT and Paula. :pray:

I tried embedding one of our public youtube videos by inserting iframe code directly into the topic. Is that how you do it, and is there something I need to change in the settings to enable the video? [I am trying youtube before I try embedding the local council meeting videos.]

(Michael Howell) #5

To add a youtube video to a topic, put the URL of it on its own line, like this:

Watch the8bitdrummer blind drum cover!


It’ll show up embedded right there.

(Blu McCormick) #6

You beauty! So simple. That is for youtube. What about our local city council meeting? This is an archived video.


I am looking to watch live-streamed videos of meetings and then to show the archived footage like the one above, embedded in topics. I tried the iframe code in the topic but had no luck. Apparently, the videos the local council make work with Adobe Flashplayer and Microsoft Silverlight.

(Michael Howell) #7

To make your site embed properly:

  1. Add support for the oEmbed protocol. You can test on iframely outside of Discourse.

  2. Add your site to the onebox whitelist in Admin :arrow_right: Settings

(Blu McCormick) #8

It turns out, what is happening when the code is added for embedding the video, a review of the code shows that the iframe is being stripped out. The embedding code works on a different website.

Here is the embed code provided by Granicus who hosts the videos:

> <iframe width="480" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true" src="https://cityoflafayette.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=4&clip_id=671&starttime=undefined&stoptime=undefined&autostart=0&embed=1"></iframe>

So we are either missing an api, a setting, or something in the code.

Here are our settings:

What do you think, best guess? Thanks, guys.

(Michael Howell) #9

I notice that all of the other ones in allowed iframes start with https://. Maybe change your domain to match?

(Blu McCormick) #10

I think you might be onto something there, @notriddle. The problem seems to be an http vs https issue at least with chrome and Firefox. They appear to not do well with mixed modes and it appears part of the video from the city is coming across like that. This is what I get on my desktop in chrome for example:

Works fine on safari.

These are the errors from firefox and chrome respectively:

The iframe code provided for the video is “https” but the website that this video comes from is http.

(Blu McCormick) #11

We are currently looking at making the forum http, and looking at the SEO certificate to see if we can solve the problem of mixed modes in terms of http–>https for embedding videos in our forum. In other words, we’'ll change to http–>http since the originating website for embedded videos is http. Hope I’m making sense.