Embedding doesnt work when URL contains persian character

(Hosein Naseri) #1

I’m trying to embed discourse comment on my blog post according to this topic.

All of my blog posts have the following structure:

<h1 class="post-title">title</h1>
<section class="post-content">
    Some Content
    <section class="ads">
    some ads

I want all of the post-content except for ads to be crawled and placed in the topic created.
I specified the following configurations for embedding:

embed whitelist selector: post-content
embed blacklist selector: ads

However when I tested the behavior, no topic was created for the blog post.
Is there something I’m missing?

Discourse embedding still has some bugs?
(Hosein Naseri) #2

I can report that problem of embedding happens when url of my post contains Persian characters.
Is there something I need to configure or is it a bug?

(Hosein Naseri) #3

any news on how to fix this problem?

(Sam Saffron) #4

Is there anything in the logs? discourse.yoursite.com/logs

@eviltrout perhaps we should add a test for Persian char urls?

(Hosein Naseri) #5

I found nothing relevant in logs. but i’m pretty much sure its because of Persian character in url. pages with fully English character in url are fine.

(Robin Ward) #6

It’ll be hard for me to figure out where it’s broken without an error - can you give me an example of a URL with a persian character that failed? I can try and reproduce it locally.

(Hosein Naseri) #8

Sure. Here you are:
example url

(Robin Ward) #9

Thanks for helping me reproduce it. I’ve fixed it in this commit:

(Jeff Atwood) #10