Embedding forum on custom site

Hi there i tried to find this information but not sure if i understand embedding right.

Basically what i am looking for is a forum that can be integrated in my existing site. the site has a category structure and i would basically need a commenting feature for every topic which is also viewable as a forum
So basically i have pages that are like ROOT>CAT1>SUBCAT1>TOPIC and i would like TOPIC to be a subcategory in the Discourse forum. that way ROOT>CAT1>SUBCAT1>TOPIC would make a subcategory ROOT>CAT1>SUBCAT1>TOPIC in the forum and have X amount of discussions in it.
I would like to view only those comments/discussions when on the topic page on the website, also probably all the discussions and categories for each SUBCAT for example. And at the same time also the normal discourse forum view.

Talking about a rails site - thought to connect using the API - we have our own UI but i would not mind having the nice discourse UI also for the comments on the pages…

Is that possible somehow?? can some experienced user give me a heads up or not possible?
many thanks in advance!

In short, yes, you could probably achieve this with Discourse. See this:

You should also check out the wp-discourse plugin as a good reference implementation.


thanks for that quick reply!!
I read this but i haven’t noticed the details… the one thing that i don’t like on this though is this:

One important thing to note with this setup is that users have to navigate to your forum to post replies.
This is intentional, as we feel that the posting interface on a
Discourse forum is currently much richer than what we could embed via

I see it works well but the user would have to move kind of far away from the topic to the discussion and would not easily find back there… so next question - is there a way to allow direct commenting/discussing, like a fully embedded discussion?

It’s possible, but that’s something you’d have to develop on your own end by tapping into the Discourse API.