Embedding from URL and generate onebox?


(Clkao) #1

When using the embedding feature of discourse (/admin/customize/embedding), you can use css selector to generate the snipplet for the new topic being created. However it seems impossible to create a snipplet containing onebox (a sole paragraph of url text), as the snipplet is always trimmed and wrapped in


Is there any way to create a topic from embed that uses onebox as the content for the thread?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

No this is not possible at the moment. However this is not the first time someone wants it.

An option that generates one onebox with the special title thing would be even better. #pr-welcome

(Clkao) #3

thanks for the pointer. Apparently the magic title link works. for posts created from embedded link, perhaps we can usee a meta tag such as dicourse:onebox to tell dicourse to simply use that properly value as onebox url for the sole content, rather than extract through regular css selector?