Embedding Slideshare & Speakerdeck


Is there an easy way to embed some Slideshare slides?
Can onebox help on this?


(sparr) #2

You would need to write a slideshare onebox if you want that to work. I suspect that onebox would be popular.


Writted! My pull request here: Oneboxer for Slideshare by PabloC · Pull Request #787 · discourse/discourse · GitHub


wow this community is so fast :smile:

(Kiran Patil) #5

I applied your code to our repository and not able to see the onebox for slide share with below url.

Sorry for my english :wink:

(Neil Lalonde) #6

Hmm, yeah it don’t work. I merged it because it looked good, but something is wrong.

EDIT: Oh I see another PR with a fix. :slight_smile:


Sorry, forgot to add Slideshare to a whitelist.

Fix is in master. Thanks Neil.

(Fayimora Femi-Balogun) #8

You can write one for SpeakerDeck while you are at it :smile:


Good idea.
I’ve just added one in another pull request. Let’s wait the next merge.

(Fayimora Femi-Balogun) #10

Looks like the Slideshare fix has been merged but I don’t see it working yet!

(Neil Lalonde) #11

Works for me!

(Jeff Atwood) #12

As I mentioned in the PR, if a site supports opengraph, you don’t need to write a custom onebox… just enable them in the whitelist. For future reference!

(Fayimora Femi-Balogun) #13

Yeah I just added a space at the end of the link and it worked.

(Craig Oda) #14

Where is the whitelist for the onebox embedding? I can’t find it on the admin interface? Is it a text file customization?

I would like to embed Slideshare. I don’t think it is working on this forum?

(Kane York) #15

Looks like it’s working to me:

(Sam Saffron) #16

We plan to add a UI for this, but have not got to it yet.

(Craig Oda) #17

@sam, thanks for the info. So, it’s not a configuration setting in



this is not urgent. I was just wondering if it was working yet.

@riking , yes, it’s working for me on this forum now too. neat. At some point, I would like to get it to work on another forum.

(Sam Saffron) #18

No, this is not configurable in site settings, you could build a plugin to hook stuff up but not really worth the effort since we plan to have a UI.

(Robert) #19

Do we have an UI now?

I would propose to add a way to get an embedded working for slides.com .

Have a look here: Programming by Robert Riemann

The code to embed would be like this:

<iframe src="//slides.com/rriemann/insa-pc-01/embed" width="576" height="420" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Nothing special. :grin:

(Robert) #20

If we need a onebox to parse the link, I think I could contribute a pull request (my first one).