Embedding surveys (HTML)

(Riana Patel) #1

I’m looking to embed a survey (e.g. Typeform, Google Forms) by embedding the HTML. I’ve noticed that Discourse removes elements so that the embed of a Google Form does not actually work. Is there a workaround for this issue? Or, has anyone got any other suggestions for ways to achieve this?

Thank you!

(Jeff Atwood) #2

There is no way to embed a Google Form at this time; you can link to the form, of course.

Discourse has native polls, though it is not a form builder.

(Riana Patel) #3

Is there any other way to work around to create polls/questions in a single post? e.g. embedding Twitter polls?

(Felix Freiberger) #4

That sounds like…

…is what you’re looking for.

I like the native because they are…

  • easy to create
  • embedded within the post
  • can show who voted (if enabled)

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(Riana Patel) #5

The thing they lack though is text input areas to collect responses. Multiple choice is fine, but looking for a way to allow text input as well in a single post rather than just opening up to the comments.

(Felix Freiberger) #6

Yes, text input would require either replies or an external service.

(Sam Saffron) #7

Can you expand on why replying to the post with the poll is problematic?

(Riana Patel) #8

I think a survey is different to a discussion post. For instance, users may not want their responses to be public and there could be functionality to make such responses anonymous.

(Mittineague) #9

Anonymous posting is possible, though personally I would not leave it enabled for very long.

(Christoph) #10

Typeform can now be oneboxed (which is awesome) but I wonder if any other survey/form providers might be added?

Differently asked: what are the criteria for a service to be added? Typeform has the clear advantage that it works well even in a small iframe. But is that the only reason why it was added but not others?

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #11

It usually comes down supporting oEmbed in the right way: