Ember 1.11 Upgrade Notes + Discourse Stability


(Robin Ward) #8

I’m deploying a fix now for this, thanks!


(Jeff Atwood) #12

Well so far so good. Very few regressions! Keep :eyes: everyone!

(Sam Saffron) #13

Quick note

Meta is deployed from a branch, we will update the topic here when it’s in master

(Sam Saffron) #14


On mobile as admin, expand deleted posts. Posts are not styled with the background red color.

(Robin Ward) #15



(cpradio) #16

I don’t know if this is related or due to something else (if something else feel free to move this or ask me to post it elsewhere)

On Meta I’ve noticed the notifications take a bit longer to clear. When you click on a notification, it doesn’t clear when the page loads, but once you leave the page (especially true for PMs).

For the other notifications, obviously clicking on the bubble removes the number, but if you just navigate from Latest to that page the notification count doesn’t reduce until you leave that topic and go somewhere else.

(Sam Saffron) #17

Switching to anonymous is now broken @eviltrout

Uncaught Error: Nothing handled the action 'undefined'. If you did handle the action, this error can be caused by returning true from an action handler in a controller, causing the action to bubble.
Url: /ember.prod
Line: 23524
Column: 13
Window Location: https://meta.discourse.org/t/anonymous-user-cant-be-created/28610/3
Error: Nothing handled the action 'undefined'. If you did handle the action, this error can be caused by returning true from an action handler in a controller, causing the action to bubble.
    at new Error (native)
    at Error.EmberError (/ember.prod:11616:21)
    at Object.triggerEvent (/ember.prod:23524:13)
    at trigger (/ember.prod:44433:16)
    at Object.Router.trigger (/ember.prod:43157:9)
    at EmberObject.default.extend.send (/ember.prod:23015:27)
    at mixin.Mixin.create.send (/ember.prod:27085:29)
    at mixin.Mixin.create.send (/ember.prod:27085:29)
    at mixin.Mixin.create.send (/ember.prod:27085:29)
    at runRegisteredAction (/ember.prod:17899:25)

(Robin Ward) #18

Fixed in


(Robin Ward) #19

I just tried to repro this and it seemed to work correctly. I sent a PM, clicked the notification, then clicked on the page to close the menu and the notification went away. Is that not correct?

(cpradio) #20

Yeah, it is working fine today. It wasn’t the day I reported it… so I wonder if it was more so system wide and not specific to the Ember upgrade.

(Robin Ward) #21

Update: I’ve merged the ember upgrade branch into master. So if you are running tests-passed you will be on the new version of Ember. It has been pretty stable but please continue to report bugs if you find them!

(Sam) #22

Can someone check and see if the Staff Log is working for them post-update?

It won’t load (perma-spinning circle) on my test site and the following error report is being generated:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nextSibling' of null
Url: /ember.prod
Line: 41736
Column: 66
Window Location: /admin/logs/staff_action_logs

I don’t (at this moment) have the means to look much further into it myself, unfortunately, so hoping someone else can take a poke.

(Robin Ward) #23

Confirmed there’s a bug there. Fixing now.

(Sam) #24

Getting the same error for the Screened IPs tab, incidentally. There aren’t any entries to load for Screened Emails or Screened URLs so I’m not sure if there are any issues there.

(Robin Ward) #25

All List views in admin were broken. Here’s a fix:


(Erick Guan) #26

Admin - Plugins. The header seems missing colspan.

(Jesse Perry) #27

I think possibly related bug that resulted in site going white:

(Robin Ward) #28

Thanks, there was some invalid HTML on the plugins page:

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(Jeff Atwood) closed #30