Ember Numbers - Do they change?

(Scott Trager) #1

Hey all. Does anyone know if the ember numbers (in the elements) change ever? - Is it safe to use those IDs in our CSS? I did a little reading on ember and am a little worried that they might change when doing a rebuild or after certain updates etc.

(Jacob Chapel) #2

You shouldn’t use anything ember adds like IDs or classes. Ember uses those for managing the DOM elements and as you worry about, it can and will change.

What are you trying to style?

Global Notice: Background image and color disappears frequently
(Scott Trager) #3

That’s what I was afraid of. @Bill_S can explain exactly what we are trying to do here.

(Kane York) #4

Every time you click a link.

[quote=“strager, post:1, topic:23970”]
Is it safe to use those IDs in our CSS?
[/quote] Not at all.

If you need a CSS target added, start a Feature or Bug topic here.

(Bill Snider) #5

I’m with strager. What we’re looking to do is style the top category page (our home page) differently than the rest of the forum.

Since most of the styles are global, meaning they affect all the pages using that class, then the only way to change them separately is to use their <body class="category-#"> to individualize the changes.

However, I’m doing some absolute positioning on the main category page that affects all the other category pages as well. Till now, I’ve been just reversing the styles on each individual category page to correct the difference. But, now I’m running into pages that are not identified with a class in the body page, and there are no other page identifiers on those pages.

(Régis Hanol) #6

Would you mind listing them so that we can add unique identifiers?

(Bill Snider) #7

They are “categories, latest, new, unread, starred, top, read, and posted.” Those are the only ones I can see at present.

(Scott Trager) #8

Is there a list of all the pages anywhere to make sure we didn’t miss anything?

(Kane York) #9

It’s the top_menu entries.

Maybe a CSS class of discovery-latest, discovery-top, etc?