Emoji does not work in Google Chrome browser :(

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. How are you all? , I hope you will be okay, my dear brothers, I have a problem in the Google Chrome browser, on the emoji, where the emoji works in Firefox browser, but in Chrome browser does not work! :(, is there a solution to this problem, God willing ?, and these are some things that may help you solve the problem:

Image of emoji from Firefox browser: https://www.9ory.com/uploads/1555728685321.png

Image of emoji from Google Chrome browser: https://www.9ory.com/uploads/1555728685332.png

Sorce code : <p>😀</p>

Thank you

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Hello @Emo_Ser! Welcome to this community.

If you can, the first thing I would try is to access the discourse forum you are having trouble with using a different computer. If it works as expected, then you need to look at Chrome settings on your computer. :seedling:

You could also try a different discourse site, like https://try.discourse.org, to see if maybe the problem is with your discourse forum.