Emoji Love (thanks discourse)

(Rick Moby) #1

Jeff & Crew,


Congrats on Discourse! We’re thrilled to have our set of emoji integrated into your new product. It’s about time a company took the proper steps to develop a ground-up message board that fits current standards, wants and needs. I remember hacking my first message board 18 years ago with “sign my guestbook” scripts. You guys have done a fabulous job here. I’ve already told my crew that we need an emoji forum using this software. We don’t have the traffic yet to support it yet, but hopefully soon it will.

My favorite discourse features so far…

  1. Quick register via Social Media
  2. Displaying responses with the thread
  3. Infinite page scrolling WITH a post # indicator
  4. Simple share/like/flag/bookmark options
  5. The most advanced post revisions view ever

I look forward to watching Discourse grow and soon become the new standard in message board software! :thumbsup:

For anyone interested in our open source emoji project, please checkout:

We’re also seeking developers to join us in creating emoji keyboard apps (IOS/Droid) browser plug-ins. If anyone would like to work with us, please contact us!

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Hey thanks @moby_rick! Note that as of 1.2 we also allow custom Emoji and choice of emoji sets.

But Emoji One will be the default, and we always link to the outstanding Emoji One documentation. I love the Emoji family tree.

(Rick Moby) #4

Really appreciate that Jeff! Thanks for the update.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #5

How about now? :laughing:

EmojiOne is eligible for free hosting: