Emoji selector crashes the message editor

This issue has been around for couple of months, and I can reproduce it here at Meta using an Android/Chrome device (both latest) – actually this has been happening for several months, since January or so.

The message editor seems to “crash” every now and then when one chooses a proposed emoji.

Repro steps:

  1. Post a reply to a topic, add some text
  2. Start adding a thumbs up by typing “:+1” and then tap the proposed emoji :+1:

What happens:

The editor seems to somehow crash, or is redrawn. Some written text is typically lost.

It is not a 100% repro, but I can easily hit the issue within a minute of fiddling.

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What exact version of Android/ Chrome are you using?

I can reproduce. Follows the stack trace:

_application-bfbda341c2eb6dd7d61c681e17bdccec057c30e045ddc332927a7363150e9b1b.js:16386 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of null
    at HTMLLIElement.<anonymous> (application-bfbda341c2eb6dd7d61c681e17bdccec057c30e045ddc332927a7363150e9b1b.br.js:1)
    at HTMLLIElement.dispatch (ember_jquery-36a23101c869ab0dc53fc908de69adb785731593573d32bdeef416acc1076ef4.br.js:1)
    at HTMLLIElement.d.handle (ember_jquery-36a23101c869ab0dc53fc908de69adb785731593573d32bdeef416acc1076ef4.br.js:1)
(anonymous) @ application-bfbda341c2eb6dd7d61c681e17bdccec057c30e045ddc332927a7363150e9b1b.br.js:1
dispatch @ ember_jquery-36a23101c869ab0dc53fc908de69adb785731593573d32bdeef416acc1076ef4.br.js:1
d.handle @ ember_jquery-36a23101c869ab0dc53fc908de69adb785731593573d32bdeef416acc1076ef4.br.js:1

That is this line


Error happens because selectedOption is 0 (single suggestion aka the first) while autocompleteOptions is somehow null.

Investigating why now…

So I’m not sure why so far. At first I was suspecting this PR from @Osama


But I added quite a few breakpoints and can’t really find “who” is mutating autocompleteOptions and setting it as null.

Having autocompleteOptions be from the scope of the parent closure from two levels up is also quite weird and makes the code a bit hard to follow up/debug.


Android 11/Chrome 89, the latest available.

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