Emojis are not showing up in email notifications

I just tested whether emojis are working in email notifications and they aren’t for me.

Here’s the message that I sent to a staged user (in case staged matters).

And here’s what I got in my notification email.

I do see the discussion at Suppress images for short emails.

Is there a way to know how long a message needs to be for the emoji to show up in email form?

If you have the strip images from short emails setting enabled (it’s enabled by default), images and emojis will be stripped from emails that have fewer bytes than your site’s short email length site setting (defaults to 2800 bytes.)




  • How strongly do you suggest we keep this setting enabled? I’d rather have emails get through without emojis than NOT get through at all.
  • Does this email length minimum apply to every post individually? Or, after there are several replies (all short) in a single topic, is the minimum hit because the entire topic itself is now long enough?
  • I see that strip image metadata is also checked by default. We make sure to name all our images by something understandable so that people who are blind and using screen readers will know what the image is. Will keeping this checked mean that the image no longer has a name? Or is that not a problem?

You would need to address those concerns to SpamAssassin, whose rules insist a short email with images are likely to be spam :man_shrugging:

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Haha. All right. Though, do you know what the answer is to the meta data question? Does an image’s title count as meta data that’s stripped out?

How about we replace them with their unicode counterpart in the emails?

Should be as easy as changing this line?


It’s for the total length of the whole email.

The name of an image is not a metadata :wink:

When we talk about metadata, we mostly mean the EXIF values.