Employees cannot like some posts


an employee reports that he cannot like my posts, however posts by system work.
Is this due to “Like Manipulation” against IPs? All my employees are connected to the same company network either via VPN or in the office. Can anyone confirm this? The like button is simply missing from the posts, however I can like theirs. All have the trust level 4 and Moderator permissions.

Edit: Seems he can like my replies but not the Top level post? This is weird and could be a #bug

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Are you sure you did not mess with any of the post menu site settings and have it hiding behind ... ? Do you have any plugins installed?

There is no code that hides the like button due to IPs being shared across users, only code that disables account registration.


Yes I am sure, looked also at the ... button, nothing there for him. Which is weird because I can see all like buttons.

A few official and third party plugins are installed.

Are the topics with the problem archived?

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Nope, all newly created topics.

Is the heart still missing in safe mode?


Yes it is, both mobile and desktop

Which plugins are you using?

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Even in safe mode not all code from plugins is disabled.

You’re going to be best off commenting out everything but docker manager in your app.yml and rebuilding. That will prove that it’s plugin code and not something more nefarious.

From there it’s just a matter of figuring out which by enabling 1-2 at a time.