Enable Formatting Toolbar By Default on mobile

I’ve noticed on my phone that the formatting toolbar doesn’t appear unless I click the hamburger menu. I found Formatting toolbar but it is much more then I am looking for.

Is there a css edit or something that I can implement to always show the formatting toolbar?

Do you mean when creating a new topic or in replies? They are different scenarios.

Replies. I have several users that would never think to click the button to show formatting options.

I forget the logic we ended up with here @sam do you remember? I know new topic is much more problematic on mobile due to the extra spas required for the category / tag selector.

Yeah we suppress it by default due to limited space… but… phones are getting bigger, maybe on iPhone 6 or larger we show it by default

The good news is that as soon as you show the toolbar we remember it


Do we remember it per-user, or per-device? Stored locally?

Per device in localStorage


We should really make this conditional to mobile viewport size… if it is big “enough”, enable it by default.


That makes sense @sam. I’m on a Sony Xperia XA2 with a 5.2 inch screen and I feel like the format bar fits comfortably while open. Especially as the bar doesn’t seem to change the vertical height of the box.

Maybe an option in settings to have it show by default?

Oh now I know why you are noticing this and I am not…

We already show it by default on iPhone 6 or larger, for some reason there were android bugs that made it lose out on this fun. @Falco / @cpradio can you confirm there are no particular issues with showing toolbar on Android these days.

I recall that stuff got weird for a few users on Android.


I am open to changing the default here but don’t want to just surface old bugs.