Enable sso for multisite, through its sub domains

(Kushal) #1

First of all i would like to thank the community for making this amazing forum software and making it available for everyone :slight_smile:

I had a request regarding sso login feature. If the user base is common across a multisites installation, say a drupal website, shouldn’t discourse accept sso login from redirect through subdomains also ?

like example.com, domain1.example.com, domain2.example.com… domainN.example.com have the same user base, discourse should be able accept login from domain2.example.com as well

Was wondering if discourse could be tweaked so that wildcard entries could be intrepreted properly maybe ?

something which will make multisite login possible by defining sso url like this:

sso url : http//*.example.com/discourse_sso

(Kushal) #2

PS: on clicking login button in this case, the discourse site should redirect to example.com/login explicitly instead of what it does presently, takes the url from sso url. In case of wild card entry currently, it redirects to http://*.example.com/login which is invalid.