Enforce selecting a category

(finid) #1

Currently, I can create a post and not select a category. I think it would be better if selecting a category is enforced.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

We think it is OK to not select a category here on meta if you feel your topic doesn’t fit any of the existing ones.

This is something that will be configurable via the forum admin settings, either you want to require categories, or you don’t.

(chronodekar) #3

I have to agree. There is already a default “uncategorized” option and if the poster wants, they can easily select a better category. Why force them to do something like this? I don’t understand the use-case or motivation for this request.

(Michele Savisto) #4

Sometimes, forcing someone to choose a category – even if it ends up in the wrong category – is a better option than letting them no choose a category. If you make choosing a category optional, there’s a very serious danger that a board will end up with a massive swamp of posts in the `uncategorised’ category which limits the usefulness of the board.

(chronodekar) #5

A simple solution to that, is to just let the mods assign categories as they see fit. Which they already do.

(Michele Savisto) #6

True, but by enforcing category selection at time of posting, that at least alleviates the burden from the mods of categorising huge numbers of uncategorised threads.

How do I enforce categories? So I can use Discourse better as a private self organisation tool
(Jeff Atwood) #7

You can indeed now force category to be mandatory via the admin site settings.

(Jeff Atwood) #8