Enforcing profile creation

The community we re trying to develop relies on our users personalizing their profiles, and giving specific information.

I know that there I can add custom, required fields to the sign up process, but there isn’t a lot of space for users to type out longer responses. Are there better ways to enforce profile personalization?

Can you describe how this enforcement would work?

Yeah, I’m not really sure. I was hoping someone else around here might have an idea. We were hoping to just have a lengthy account creation process (something that would work for our niche), but that doesn’t seem technically feasible from our end. We are probably just going to rely on the goodwill of the community to fill out their profile.

Perhaps we could have an (site setting opt-in) composer education message, just like the “no avatar” message, for people who haven’t filled out About Me?

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Yes that does sound like it would work well