Enthusiast/Aficonado/Devotee Badge Question

I don’t know how to explain this well, so please ask for clarification if necessary.

For the badges mentioned in the title of this topic, does Discourse track which days of the month you visit in a row in order to determine whether to give you the badge or not (e.g., December 10, December 11, December 12, etc) or do you need to keep visiting the forum within 24 hour intervals (ignoring what day it is) in a row in order to get the badges?

I know that it is sort of a specific question, but I’m asking it on behalf of a different person.


You have to visit the site every day, where “day” is in the UTC timezone.

There is already a topic covering this at Devotee Badge and Timezones, relaxing requirements?

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Sorry, that is what I originally meant by 24 hour intervals. Thank you for the concise answer!