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(Nick) #1

Hey guys! I’m a frequent user on the Infinite-flight forums but yesterday a continuous error occurs when trying to post a topic reply to it or to reply in a chat. (I wasn’t able to log out too!) I know a http error with 4XX is a device specific error and the forums work fine on my laptop (from which I’m currently writing). I already tried clearing my history and website data but I’m even unable to log in now! Can you guys help me?

Cheers - Nick

PS: I find it weird I can’t use my account from the infinite flight forums on this forum, (It took me only one min to create a new one with the same name and email address for this forum but still)

403 Forbidden on Logins (started after update to latest version)
(Sam Saffron) #2

Hmm you relating to this topic:

Are you able to post here using your iPhone? Can you log off and on with your iPhone?

(Nick) #3

Nope I’m not able to log into this forums aswell on my iphone -> "unknown error"
I posted that one on the infinite flight forums meta too lol :wink: Didn’t know they could be seen here! :stuck_out_tongue: And yes Im referring to that same problem (since it was also me who made that topic there)

(Sam Saffron) #4

Which iPhone are you on? How are you trying to log in? Which iOS version?

(Nick) #5

iPhone 5S, Ios 8.1.3 (12B466). I’m trying to log in via safari. I type the webaddress ( or and the klick on the log in button on the top. I then type username and password but it’ll only give me an unknown error when trying to log in.
I tried fiddling with the cookies and safety settings a bit _ won’t help either

(Sam Saffron) #6

I just logged in and posted this from safari on the iPhone going to dig through web logs to see what happened in your case

(Nick) #7

test replying from iphone reset safari settings

(Nick) #8

test 2 replying on iphone with do not track on

(Nick) #9

test 3 with blocked cookies -> error 403

(Nick) #10

test 4 do not track and no cookies -> error 403

(Sam Saffron) #11

Yeah blocking cookies means you can not post, no way around it, Discourse requires cookies.