Error 500 Whole Discourse latest-release +320

I have experienced a whole site outage today on update, seemed everything was check marks and verified code so I thought it was okay? safe mode returns same error and I can seem to pull the upgrade and the sidekiq page still.
should I try a console rebuild? Any ideas? It was only the main discourse that needed updating, all other plugins and stuff were and are up-to-date? I can’t access /logs/ or other stuff. only update and sidekiq. I can console into server, but short of just a rebuild I am unsure the cause of this issue.

It’s a standard 500 error saying


The software powering this discussion forum encountered an unexpected problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Detailed information about the error was logged, and an automatic notification generated. We’ll take a look at it.

No further action is necessary. However, if the error condition persists, you can provide additional detail, including steps to reproduce the error, by posting a discussion topic in the site’s feedback category.

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Reboot, and/or rebuild from the command line.

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update,upgrade,reboot,rebuild now.

Just a rebuild didn’t do it. Will keep you advised. It can always be a conflict or error, but without safe-mode or logs it’s hard to figure out

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The next thing is to remove all plugins.