Error in development env with desktop.scss

(cristian) #1

I have the newest master and I am trying to run Discourse in development env, but what I get is this:

NoMethodError - undefined method `dirname' for "app/assets/stylesheets/desktop.scss":String:
  sprockets (2.11.0) lib/sprockets/context.rb:108:in `resolve'
  sprockets (2.11.0) lib/sprockets/context.rb:119:in `depend_on'
  sprockets-rails (2.1.3) lib/sprockets/rails/helper.rb:174:in `check_dependencies!'
  sprockets-rails (2.1.3) lib/sprockets/rails/helper.rb:66:in `compute_asset_path'
  actionview (4.1.4) lib/action_view/helpers/asset_url_helper.rb:132:in `asset_path'
  sprockets-rails (2.1.3) lib/sprockets/rails/helper.rb:81:in `asset_path'
  sass-rails (4.0.3) lib/sass/rails/helpers.rb:23:in `asset_url'
  sass (3.2.19) lib/sass/script/funcall.rb:113:in `_perform'
  sass (3.2.19) lib/sass/script/node.rb:40:in `perform'
  sass (3.2.19) lib/sass/script/list.rb:71:in `block in _perform'
  sass (3.2.19) lib/sass/script/list.rb:71:in `_perform'
  sass (3.2.19) lib/sass/script/node.rb:40:in `perform'
  sass (3.2.19) lib/sass/tree/visitors/perform.rb:298:in `visit_prop'
  sass (3.2.19) lib/sass/tree/visitors/base.rb:37:in `visit'
  sass (3.2.19) lib/sass/tree/visitors/perform.rb:100:in `visit'

There is also this similar topic Discourse master branch code & Ubuntu 12.04 Deployment: Assets precompile which was closed though…

(Kane York) #2

How did you set up your development environment? Don’t forget to run rake db:migrate.

(Thomas Reynolds) #3

So… this is still happening on the current release. What’s up?