Error preview link with https

I install ssl and enable force https then when i past link into the post then error preview.
Like this.

If i using http then OK.Please help me…
Tks for support!

What error are you showing? I do not understand your screenshot, I see no error?

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Photo 1: show thumbnail preview post (using http for link)
Photo 2: not show thumbnail preview post (using https for link)
(same a link)
Thank support.

What is the URL, does it happen here?

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I posting on here not error, only in my site.
This is link:

This is post error :


Thank support!

I disable force https that ok!

That implies your site configuration is broken. If you disable force https while using https, other things will break.

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What did you do to install ssl?

I install follow the instructions

And i enable force https in setting discource