Error reverting from master to stable

I try rebuild Discourse from 2.3.6 to new version 2.3.8. During execution, I received an error related to the plugin discourse-internet-explorer:

In the topic Error rebuilding on 2.3.8, I read that you need to use the label - version: tests-passed. I tried rebuild Discourse with this tag, everything went well, but this is version 2.4.0-beta!
I tried the tag version: stable. The build was successful, but when I try to enter UI, I get this error:

I tried tag version: 2.3.6 but again got the first error related to the plugin discourse-internet-explorer!

I do not want to use beta in production. How can I return to version 2.3.6 or upgrade to version 2.3.8?!

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Once you’re on tests-passed (currently a 2.4 beta) you cannot go back to 2.3.

If you want to be on stable, you will need to go back to tests-passed right now and then wait until 2.4 stable is released, then switch back to stable.


Oh… Well! If I try to rebuild other project and use version: stable - which is this version? 2.3.6 or 2.3.8?

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