Error when save topic without anychange

(Khoa Nguyen) #1

I tested this on try and my instances.
Create a topic.
Click on edit button next to Topic tilte

Click check button
=> Sorry, an error has occurred.


create_errors_json called with unrecognized type: #<Topic id: 226, title: "[Trắc nghiệm] Giải phẫu Ổ Bụng – Chậu Hông – Đáy C...", last_posted_at: "2014-12-01 15:16:27", created_at: "2014-12-01 15:16:25", updated_at: "2014-12-01 20:57:32", views: 6, posts_count: 1, user_id: 1, last_post_user_id: 1, reply_count: 0, featured_user1_id: nil, featured_user2_id: nil, featured_user3_id: nil, avg_time: nil, deleted_at: nil, highest_post_number: 1, image_url: nil, off_topic_count: 0, like_count: 0, incoming_link_count: 0, bookmark_count: 0, star_count: 0, category_id: 7, visible: true, moderator_posts_count: 0, closed: false, archived: false, bumped_at: "2014-12-01 20:57:32", has_summary: false, vote_count: 0, archetype: "regular", featured_user4_id: nil, notify_moderators_count: 0, spam_count: 0, illegal_count: 0, inappropriate_count: 0, pinned_at: nil, score: 0.4, percent_rank: 0.684444444444444, notify_user_count: 0, subtype: nil, slug: "trac-nghiem-giai-phau-o-bung-chau-hong-day-chau", auto_close_at: nil, auto_close_user_id: nil, auto_close_started_at: nil, deleted_by_id: nil, participant_count: 1, word_count: 9089, excerpt: "Tổng hợp các câu trắc nghiệm giải phẫu phần Ổ Bụng...", pinned_globally: false, auto_close_based_on_last_post: false, auto_close_hours: nil>

Vietnamese slug support for better SEO
(Guilherme Carreiro) #2

I think that every post, that is updated without changing, raises an error:

I’m going to propose a simple solution in a PF soon.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Easy workaround is to click “X” for cancel instead, as there as was no change.

(Régis Hanol) #4

I found the bug. Hope you aren’t working on it yet :blush:

(Régis Hanol) #5