Errors upon errors with embedding Discourse


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I embedded a Discourse Docker multisite installation with separate data and web containers.
After some rebuilds I am using version v1.3.0.beta11 +7 now.
Before I used version v1.3.0.beta7. I always received some javascript errors but it still worked. Right now the embedding doesn’t work as the JavaScript doesn’t load due to errors.
These are my error messages:

I am using a plugin to prevent cross-origin-request errors: GitHub - TheBunyip/discourse-allow-same-origin

These are my embed settings:

My logs show these errors:

Uncaught ReferenceError: iom is not defined
Line: 64
Column: 1
Window Location:

I am stuck. Does anyone have an idea what’s wrong here? It should just work but it’s really a drag to get this to work properly and reliably.

Thank you.

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Your comment hints that it might work for non-admins. I cannot confirm this. Logging out or trying different browsers doesn’t fix the problem for me. Although the errors seem to be different:

"Received message of type object from, expected a string"

(Руслан Корнев) #4

Sorry, i can’t remember how i fixed this error. But as i remember that all subsequent errors were only because of first error.

TypeError: Cannot read property 'hotkeys' ...

Try to view sourse of js files

ps. may be i’m wrong.