Etiquette for support requests for hosted service? (Need a plugin installed)

(Aral Balkan) #1

Hey folks,

I’m a bit confused about the best way to file support requests. We’re on the hosted service (you guys have been great, by the way).

Should we:

  1. Post here
  2. Contact one of the Discourse admins on our forum via direct message
  3. Other

(Or a combination of the above.)

Specifically, I’d like a plugin installed (I’m attaching the original DM I sent to one of our admins on the board, here.)

For bugs, etc., we’ve been posting here (in the Bugs category) but not sure what the proper process is for direct support requests that concern only our installation.

Thanks! :wink:

I’d like to install the GitHub - gnunicorn/discourse-plugin-checklist: [Unmaintained] A simple checklist rendering plugin for discourse to keep track of todos on development-related posts.

(If this is something I can do myself, please let me know and I will but it looked like it required access to the source.)


(Jeff Atwood) #2

Honestly, the best thing to do is ping us by name, or @support by name, in the staff category on your own site. We get emailed when that happens.

If you are an enterprise customer then we can create a hidden category for you here as well.

Note that arbitrary plugins are only supported on the Enterprise plan, per because it requires a dedicated container. We try to keep a few of the “popular” plugins installed on all Standard and Business plans – usually ones that we created, adopted, or vetted.

(Aral Balkan) #3

Gotcha! Thanks.

Eek, ok; I guess we do without plugins then. ☐ and :ballot_box_with_check: shall have to suffice instead :sunny:

(Sam Saffron) #4

Which plugin in particular were you after? Just curious, some plugins can be achieved as site customisations

(Jeff Atwood) #5

As mentioned in the first post, @sam

(gingerling) #6

I think it’s fascinating how you guys run stuff. Would be very interested to discuss some of these things with you at a conference some time, got any in the pipeline?