Event and poll plug-in

Could you please explain me the difference between an event and a poll plug-in? Because a user says this about the event plug-in:

Pretty much identical to the official polls plugin, just with ‘signup’ substituted for ‘poll’”

(Sorry, I wanted to paste the screenshot, but since I am a “new user” I am not allowed to paste to pics… :frowning: )

Furthermore, I agree with this user:

Since this post is a bit older, maybe this functionality is already in place now?

Thank you for your help! :sunglasses:

Apart from the fact that the event signup plugin is broken, it is a fork of our poll plugin.
The main function of the plugin event was to make public who had voted what. This feature has been integrated into the original poll plugin.

You can change all the text in Discourse so if you prefer use “signup” feel free to edit your locale via /admin/customize/site_texts

Nope :smile:, feel free to bump the original topic

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Thank you for the quick answer!

And: I see that this plug-in is already broken for quite a long time. Is there a chance that it will be fixed soon?

I do not think so. What functionality is missing from the poll plugin?

Ok, maybe I just did not dig into the poll functionality enough yet. Hence, with the poll plugin I also have the options such as:

  • adding it to the google calendar
  • adding the event time
  • adding the location
  • and since it is a poll (public), I guess I can see who else will signed up, correct?

Have you taken a look at this one?


Yes, I did! So this is not for the event plugin, but for the poll? :confused: Since I understood that the event plug-in is broken, I then ignored this information…

The plugin that @dax was referring to is a different plugin.

The events plugin given above sounds like it will fit your bill as has an agenda tab with all events and even a calendar and I believe they are also testing an rsvp function.

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and as a work around solution (till we have the rsvp function), I guess I can use a “poll” as part of the event-topic to gather the answers?

It looks as though the RSVP function has now been built into that plugin. I suggest scanning through the plugin topic as so many features within it or reach out to the plugin author.

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You can test out the events plugin, including the RSVP feature, here: https://discourse.angusmcleod.com.au/c/events

If you have any questions about it you can ask me here: Events Plugin 📆

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