Every New Auto update cause 502 error with admin accounts. Big DB Problem

(Veer) #1

This problem is little bit related to

Now when everytime discourse get updated because of Rebuild app or autoupdate. Error 502 start occuring, as my Database is very very big (1 million topics).
Steps i have to do to fix is

  1. Backup the Database. And reimport it.
  • Backing up and reimporting is very painful as i have to do it Every week almost. It takes more than 4 hours.
    How can i prevent the discourse the 502 error ? or autoupdate or update on running the rebuild app command.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

20GB database and 4GB ram isn’t a great combo. I would recommend 16GB RAM.

(Veer) #3

I increased droplet ram to 16GB, But the same result. Error 502. But now after backup and Importing its running veru smooth, Untill next update comes.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

What about rebuilding the database statistics? This can often help.

(Veer) #5

How i can do that ? Often vaccume also help me.