Every time I attach media in WordPress, a separate topic is created

(German Viscuso) #1

I have a problem with the plugin, every time I attach media (eg. a photo) a separate entry is created on Discourse (as if it were a valid post, not only an attachment). Anybody experienced this?

How do I set up the WordPress Discourse plugin?
(arajvanshi) #2

Same is happening with my installation as well…

(Anthony Giovannetti) #3

The WordPress Discourse plugin is incredibly buggy in general. It looks like no progress is being made on it at the moment.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

The WP plugin is working OK at http://www.howtogeek.com, http://boingboing.net, and http://blog.discourse.org.

The issue is that there are thousands of settings in WP and thousands of plugins and we can’t test against them all…

(Anthony Giovannetti) #5

Not to be rude about it, but I am talking about pretty universal things like this:

(Bcguy) #6

I find it really buggy too, to the extent that it really isn’t usable - I’ve had to turn it off in my Wordpress install.

It created new topics for every attachment / image (in a gallery).

It doesn’t post in the correct category - it just posts to uncategorized

in my theme it posts the link for the discussion way down in the page far below the actual story - so nobody is going to actually see the discussion link

It needs some significant work IMHO

(Bcguy) #7

Does anyone really expect any people reading the story to actually scroll way down past all the other detritus after the story to get to that little link to “continue the discussion…” - from a usability / design standpoint thats completely useless (even if the plugin did actually work as advertised).

Maybe there is a way to move that link to somewhere else in the page - but for non-coders, its not obvious how to do that.

(blaumeer) #8

In the 6+ months since the start of this thread, wp-discourse has probably improved to the point that it works quite flawslessly. I am using the plugin in a testing environment before I deploy it, and found that:

  • The new media/new topic behavior is fixed.
  • Category posting is fixed.
  • WP>D publishing options are obeyed

The other UX remarks may deserve a new, separate topic.

I think thist discussion can be safely closed.

(Jeff Atwood) #9