Excessive white space + vertical scroll slider + fonts


Hi All, we migrated to Discourse about 2 months ago, so far the 3 biggest “complaints” are:

  1. White space - Users say there are excessive white space especially on the right hand side where the vertical slider is. So has anyone tried a different layout that reduces the amount of white space throughout the forum and especially the right hand column area? Would greatly appreciate to see if others have attempted to tackle the white space issue.

  2. Vertical slider - the vertical scroll slider is not precise enough. Very often when you try to slide all the way to the very bottom, the slider will bounces up to one or 2 posts above the bottom. Would be nice if there is a way to improve the precision and feel of vertical slider. I think Flarum has an excellent slider, wonder if a similar version can be installed for discourse.

  3. Fonts are too small and not enough contrast against the white background, I suppose these are easy cosmetic changes that can be handled with some CSS customizations?

All in all, the “complaints” about the new forum are mostly cosmetics in nature, so I guess the users are adapting to the new platform reasonably well in the grand scheme of things.


(Daniela) #2

You can change the width of topic body with some CSS, e.g.

.topic-body {
    min-width: 70%;

Then you need to reposition the vertical scroll bar, e.g.

.timeline-container .topic-timeline {
    margin-left: 8em;
  1. I have no problems with the precision of the slider

Increase the size, default is 14px, and change the color

html {
    font-size: 18px;
    color: #000;

Those are only some examples. With CSS you can customize your forum as you prefer.
You can find tons of wonderful customizations visiting other discourse forums

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Why would you do that? Click or tap the bottom date to move to the bottom. Or press the end key on your keyboard.

You can do what you like with CSS of course, but bear in mind that most users don’t really know what they’re talking about with regard to “white space”. The existing research on reading shows quite clearly that excessively long lines harm reading times, which is why you don’t see books with 120 characters per line … or websites for that matter. :wink:

For example, the New York Times website:


@Trash THANK YOU !!! very helpful, much appreciated.


@codinghorror Thanks for the tip about the slider !!

As for the white space, personally I have no problem with that, I actually like the clean non clutter look very much. But our users are like our customers, if they mention something they don’t feel comfortable with, it’s hard for me to tell them they don’t know what they are talking about.