Exclude topics from some categories from the home screen

(Anton) #1

We use the split screen for our home page: the left column is the list of categories, the right column is the list of latest topic updates.

I would like to exclude topics from some categories from the topics list, but only when viewed at home page.

Is it possible?

If not, this is a feature request then.

(Steve Combs) #2

The split screen homepage doesnt respect the supress from home page setting for categories.

I believe this is still a bug

(Anton) #3

Is this setting supposed to exclude the category itself from the list of categories, or its topics as well?

(Steve Combs) #4

Yes, at least that how it works if you have the default “categories” home page. This just never carried over to the “split screen” category home page.

(Anton) #5

Okay, my original request is about the category topics, not the category