Expanded advanced search does not show new topic link on zero results

Continuing the discussion from Prompt user to create a new thread when they search and gets 0 results:

Hi @techAPJ

In the previous thread, we missed looking at something.

In case if “advanced search” is expanded, and if “0 results” are found, the “new thread” link is not showing up there.

I have pasted a screenshot of the same here

That is intentional as per:

Not sure why because when I implemented this feature initially the “Advanced Search” option was not present.

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Here is the commit that added it, no idea as to why though

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Thanks @cpradio
Do you mean to say that you also agree that the “new threads” button/link should be visible in search when we get “0 results” - even when the search is expanded (exactly the same way like its visible when its not expanded)?

I make no observation as to what should be done, but rather just wanted to see if the original commit provided any insight as to why it was intentionally excluded (it doesn’t).

I imagine, it was originally excluded because it was a button initially, now that it is a link, it would be less cluttered showing when expanded.


I think it was done due to how the button worked on mobile previously.

We can probably stop this suppression now.


Done in: