Expanding to drive mailing lists

(Joshua Hogendorn) #34
# ps aux | grep sidekiq
1010      2106  0.2 15.3 1967764 315352 ?      Sl   Feb08   9:13 sidekiq 2.15.1 discourse [0 of 25 busy]

test email went through immediately.

sidekiq gets restarted by my ansible deployment every time I perform an upgrade to discourse.

(Sam Saffron) #35

can you restart sidekiq again?

(Joshua Hogendorn) #36

Restarted sidekiq, had other users post in watched topics, no emails.

I’m seeing some emails for watched threads go through mandrill app, so not sure on the difference. hrm.

(Sam Saffron) #37

I just fixed a regression where users that were not in mailing list mode stopped getting emails.

Can you deploy / try again.

(Joshua Hogendorn) #38

I’m not tracking master unfortunately but latest-release. Hesitant to step off releases.

(Jeff Atwood) #39

No, releases are not guaranteed anything, always be on latest. That may change at 1.0 somewhat, but for now, be on latest as close as you can.

(Joshua Hogendorn) #40

Updated to master, watched thread is still not emailing me when users post. Are there weird requirements around not having the forum or the thread open to get the email? Email deliverability test still works fine.

(Kane York) #41

Yes, you need to not see the notified-about item for a default of 10 minutes before Discourse will email you.

(Joshua Hogendorn) #42

what counts as ‘seen’? ie if a user (not me) makes a post and I’m on the forum generally and get the notification in the top right, or if I’m actively sitting on the thread and see it? I have the entire forum open in a tab, but not the thread, and its ticking up with test posts marked as new (3 currently) with no emails.

(Sam Saffron) #43

What happens if you enable email me even if I am around option in your user pref

(Joshua Hogendorn) #44

enabled Receive email notifications and email digests even if I am active on the forum

impersonated a user, posted in a watched thread, relogged back in as myself. no emails.

(Joshua Hogendorn) #45

Aha! somewhere (I’m blaming the upgrade, but who knows) the enable people to autowatch all threads option was disabled. reenabled and I have an email finally. Awesome.

Now to debug email replies.

(Ian Kelling) #46

Not just you. A big fraction of foss projects use mailman. Unless discourse can actually act like a mailing list to replace mailman, ie. sending every message, using email threading, etc, its a no go for a lot of people.

(Ian Kelling) #47

I missed the above post when I just replied with the below post.

It seems standard mailing list functionality is working. I’m actually going to try using discourse instead of mailman.

(Tobias Eigen) #48

Hi @IanKelling let me know how your testing works - I have a few groups going now on my site (mostly small teams) and a sandbox on my install for testing. I am also keeping a list of user stories to test mailman replacement requirements. I’d welcome collaboration!

We have found that discourse is “good enough” as a mailman replacement but also that it is different enough that it requires a culture change. The biggest issue is that in discourse, people are encouraged to quote each other and organize their thoughts better and to post separate topics for each idea. In mailing lists people tend to be less disciplined and share long threads containing lots of ideas. The mail in functionality works well enough but still encourages forum behavior - so for example quoted text is stripped out of forwarded messages and is simply lost.

On a technical level, we also have had difficulty with discourse failing silently when an email is not imported properly into the forum, for example because it has a large attachment or the user is not allowed to post to a certain category.

(Ian Kelling) #49

Thank you @tobiaseigen. I will report back any interesting findings.

(Tobias Eigen) #50

thanks, @IanKelling I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. Here’s another thread active today about mailing list functionality - this time about making the subject line more configurable so mailman users can get the listname they are acccustomed to seeing in the subject line.

Making Discourse attractive as an alternative to mailman lists is clearly a hugely interesting topic and I am enjoying observing it play out!

(Sam Saffron) #51

I can not tell what the feature request is here, so recategorizing.

(Tobias Eigen) #52

I think this was a feature request originally. All the questions in it have pretty much been covered elsewhere, so I think you can go ahead and close it.

(Jeff Atwood) closed #53