Experimental Discourse layouts

(Frank) #1


Anybody aware of any interesting / experimental layouts?

Many thanks!


Ours isn’t especially mind-blowing, but it’s fairly heavily customised. http://community.sitepoint.com/

(Sam Saffron) #3

You just made it really hard for me to like your post. I don’t like the “isn’t especially mind-blowing” but do like the “heavily customised” so let me solve this with text:

isn’t especially mind-blowing

:cry: I actually think it is pretty darn cool as far as extensibility goes

heavily customised



Haha, thanks @sam:)

It goes without saying that I love it (it took me 9 months of hard work, nagging and arguing to get it to that point) but I didn’t want to put it out there without some humility.

(TheLoneCuber) #5

I’m with @sam on this @HAWK… it’s an impressive customisation. Knowing all you now do, what of it would you change if you were starting your Discourse community all over again? I love how you’ve stuck with a single category hierarchy, complimented with tags. I’m fighting with myself ATM to start my community with bare-bones categories, and use time and content to decide if/where extra categories are needed. I’m yet to get tags installed… I need to look into the how-to.

(bubill) #6

WOW !!
It’s looks so beautiful !

How to do it ???


Thanks very much. :smile:

I am 100% pleased with my decision to go with a single layer hierarchy and I would definitely do that again. We need to do a lot of work on tags though, both functional and aesthetic. We’re working on that at the moment. There is also a lot of community education that has to go into using tags properly, but I figure we’ll get them working seamlessly before pushing too hard for that.

The biggest thing that I am struggling with at the moment is getting the community used to using the tools that are at their disposal (flagging to hide posts, for instance) but that is a user issue rather than a Discourse one.

We’re about to integrate our WordPress commenting into Discourse (slightly differently to how it has been done so far) and I’m pretty excited about that.

In terms of what I’d change given the chance to do it over… probably full width. It looks good but it is pretty at odds with core Discourse so we have to do a fair bit of aesthetic tweaking with every new release.


Blood, sweat and tears. :wink:

I had a vision, a team of amazing developers, and an awesome team of moderators who worked long hours testing. We also got a lot of support from Team Discourse, which was invaluable.

If you have more specific questions, then feel free to ask.

(bubill) #9

I wanna Discourse theme !

Could you share http://community.sitepoint.com/ theme ?

Thanks a lot !


No way! Then ours won’t be special. :wink:

(bubill) #11

In the future, Discourse could install themes by third theme supply service ?


Check out the Marketplace category.

(Marcin Rataj) #13

I really like :heart_eyes_cat: globally pinned notice at the top of http://community.sitepoint.com:
It describes the mission and lists helpful tools provided by Discourse for self-regulating community in a beautifully condensed way.

Moderation Tips & Best Practices Guide?

Thanks for that feedback, I appreciate it.
The banners definitely need some styling love, but they do offer a really good tool for communication and education.

(Tomo Vukasović) #15

Can you apply scrollbar styling just for the banner? It would be nice.


Technically we could apply anything, it’s just a case of prioritising our dev resources.