Exporting data-- is it possible?

(Emma Furtado) #1

Can community data, including posts, users, uploads and passwords be exported?

(Daniela) #4

Click on admin by opening the hamburger menu at the top right.
Choose what you want to export between the various items listed
Click on it
Pick an initial date and a final date
Click Export
Wait the pop up and click OK
Wait the PM from @system and download the report

Because of this bug CSV export of reports fails you have to update discourse to the latest version (if the fix has already been merged)

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

You might get a better answer if you say what you want to do with the data.

(Emma Furtado) #6

Hi @jaypfaffman,
I wanted to know if it’s possible to export the data in case we self-host our instance.


(Jeff Atwood) #7

Yes of course this is always possible.

(Jay Pfaffman) #8

Of course. Your data is your data. See Move your Discourse Instance to a Different Server for example.

(Emma Furtado) #9

Hi @dax,
If I were to export everything, where do you suggest I start?


(Daniela) #10

What do you mean by “export everything”?
You could export everything via backup.
Each backup contains all the tables of all the data on the site.
Data export (via admin dashboard) instead is done to export pre-established tables, for example in the user table you will find username, name, email, title, trust level, user status and other useful information.

(Emma Furtado) #11

Thank you @Dax. Great. I think I will plan to export through backup.

Do we need to be on a certain version to import the data correctly?

(Daniela) #12

It is always a good thing to have Discourse updated to the latest version before running and downloading a backup.

(Emma Furtado) #13

Thanks @dax. Ok so I need to export the discourse-hosted instance and import it into our server. Since I’m currently discourse-hosted, is my instance currently on the most recent version?

(Emma Furtado) #14

My devops teammate is helping me with this install. Does anyone have updated instructions ^? The read me hasn’t been updated in 2 years, and the install instructions have completely changed since then.

In the dockerhub it says you can do docker pull discourse/base (which is 100x easier than building it), but it says the image doesn’t exist.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #15

The install guide was last updated last month. Just follow it, we always test and ensure it’s working.

(Emma Furtado) #16

Hey, thanks @Falco. I think we are talking about the docker-discourse read me. It says this one hasn’t been updated in two years. Do you have a link other than this one?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #17

That repository handles creating the base docker image that will be used in the official guide. It is of no use for someone who just want to self-host Discourse.

Just follow our official install documentation at discourse/INSTALL.md at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub

(Robin Newey) #18

Hi Daniela, is it possible to extract the data for people who have voted on a particular poll?

(Daniela) #19

If you use the Data Explorer plugin you can cross and extract all the data you want, see this as an example

(Robin Newey) #20

Thanks Daniela as always a very fast response :grinning: