Exporting only the emails of users?

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How do I export only the emails of users in txt or csv format?



Ony email adress export ?

Exporting Emails of all users
(Robert McIntosh) #2

The ideal solution is to create a query in Data Explorer (if you have access to this).

Alternatively, you could export your user list (got to Users, then click the button in the menu bar to Export) which has other information, but would include the email addresses.


Be careful you remain compliant with GDPR if you have any EU clients … if you export emails you start to muddy the water …

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Admins have access to the data that members have agreed to disclose. GDPR is about how that is stored and used in accordance with the individual site’s privacy policy and terms of service. Exporting from the system it is not the issue.

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I need an email list to get news from a different email server.

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How exactly can I do this?

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This isn’t true at all. However,

As the data controller for your users this is precarious unless they’ve explicitly consented for it to be used for this purpose. Discourse uses email addresses to identify and verify the user, and alert them as to mentions/messages/digests. There’s nothing in the standard terms for Discourse that users opt into to receive any other communications, especially off-site, whether it’s for marketing or anything else.

If you haven’t received consent then it will fall outside the scope of the processing arrangement with your userbase. There’s no such thing as implied consent any more and opt-out is expressly forbidden by most data protection laws.

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I get confirmation from my users, I just ask you to email out.
I have information on other topics, can you just tell me to export your email addresses

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There are two answers in the second post.

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does not exactly say how it is done

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Sure it does. Either craft a query in Data Explorer and export the result, or export the User list and extract the email addresses from it.

What do you need to know?


here a ppt that I prepared for our staff for a specific purpose just select the fields you wantPreparing a CSV File From A Discourse Community for Import into WP.pdf (1.3 MB)

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