Extending an invitation to another party?

(Christopher McEwan) #1

Can i seek some clarification on invitations:

  • if an admin sends an invite to someone who doesn’t use it but instead passes the invitation on to someone else, will that party be able to register using the invitation?
  • will that party show as a L1 trust?
  • what will the status of the originally sent invite show with respect to the invitation status?
  • if the original recipient does register, can she still forward the invitation on to others?
  • are there any other ways that the original invitation recipient can forward to colleagues and friends? can we ‘whitelist’ other registrants arriving from the same domain?
  • if the original email invitee enters the site, will they be able to invite other individuals with their L1 trust level?

how does the above change if the invitation is from a forum member eg L2 or 3, instead of an admin?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #2

As far as I know, invitations are passed to an email address. Whether or not your users can change their email address (once the invite is accepted & email activated) is up to the discourse admin.

Or, are you using a different form of invitation?

(Christopher McEwan) #3

Yes, my questions relate to emailed invites. I’m trying to understand what happens if an invite to someone@thisdomain.com is forwarded to somebodyelese@ thisdomain.com or anotherperson@thatdomain.com.

Can ‘someone’ forward the invitation to the others? will that interfere with the original invitation?

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #4

Anyone can activate the initial invite, after which the initial invitee can log in.

Just because somebodyelse got anyone’s invite won’t let somebodyelse or anotherperson in.

So long as someone isn’t trust level 2, they can’t invite anyone else.

(Kane York) #5

[quote=“watchmanmonitor, post:4, topic:28915”]
So long as someone isn’t trust level 2, they can’t invite anyone else.
[/quote]Which means that a chain of N invites requires 15N days to set up, unless an admin is involved.

(Allen - Watchman Monitoring) #6

? TL2 is all but disabled on our discourse (after adjusting the default values)

(Christopher McEwan) #7

Yes, that is a problem for us in a new forum that we hope to grow through invitees networks. My current thinking is to set the default invitee trust level to 2, at least in the early days of the forum. Any unintended consequences to look out for if we do this?

(Christopher McEwan) #8

any thoughts on this? the use case is that we may want to ‘pre-approve’ applicants arriving from specific organisations/domains.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

There is automatic group membership based on an email domain. But anything else and you are in SSO territory.