External images crawling broken

(mbajur) #1


I have set up an external-image scrapping for my discourse and have read few posts here about it and, in my opinion, everything should be working just fine. My setup is:


But, for some reason, a post with, for example, this image (i’m not linkink as i did here, i’m just pasting the raw image url in post body, so do my users in their posts) is not getting cooked properly - image is still linked to facebook CDN after 30 minutes since i posted the post. The same happens for any external image linked on my forum.

Have you guys any idea on what am i doing wrong? Is there any way to debug this somehow?

(Tomek) #2

I have a similar problem, I’m trying to get all the images imported to Discourse after migration, have setup the “download remote images max days old” to 9999 and no luck, no images are getting downloaded. I have to keep my old CDN i used for IPB just for this ;(

This is my topic with this problem, the are no replies:

(Vinoth Kannan) #3

Do you have enough disk space (more than 10% as per the setting) to download images.

(mbajur) #4

Yeah, totally. I have 30 GB of free space out of total 60 GB

(Sam Saffron) #5

Testing hotlinking op here

Hmm maybe image is too big or the ?param is throwing it off

(mbajur) #6

Looks like it worked for your post :thinking:

(Sam Saffron) #7

It took it 6 minutes for the job to be queued and so on, can you send me a PM with a link to the post I can check out your instance.

(mbajur) #8

After observing a behaviour of my instance, i can say that it’s broken just for facebook images - which is pretty bad because facebook links are the ones that expires over time.