External urls should open in new tab

(Johan Storm) #1

Would be good if external urls open in new tab (or an option when creating new hyperlink to either open in same frame or new) as user might “drift away” otherwise? Maybe there is an option for this but have not found it?

(Kane York) #2



I really think the links should be able to open in a new window by default. Its the common thing on most websites and people are used to have links open in a new tab if they go to an external site.

My forum users find it quite annoying and i am tired of explaining that they have an option in their profile settings. Most people also dont know that they can hold CTRL while clicking.

(Dave McClure) #4

Perhaps there should be an admin setting to make it the default for all users on a particular forum?

I turn it on in my preferences, but always forget when I’m on a discourse forum that I’m not logged into that its not going to behave that way…

(dgw) #5

There should probably be the ability to set most or all user preferences to default values. MediaWiki, as I recall from when I last played with it (a few releases ago), let new users’ default preferences be defined in its config file. Discourse should probably allow setting those, too.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

This admin setting now exists, you can make open in new tab the default for all forum users for all post bodies.

(Jeff Atwood) #7