Fa-spin, revisited - Chrome

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Continuing the discussion from Classes are not being sanitized in cooked markdown:

I think this is more CSS than bakery, but…

Edit: I’m sure a URL might be of use… HTML tag abuse thread - What the Daily WTF?

First discovered on Android 4.3, Chrome 35.0.1916.141, mobile view, I still have some fa-spinny-ness. PNG instead of GIF, but I think you get the gist of which bits were moving:

Desktop view was similar.

Couldn’t reproduce on desktop Chrome 31.x (Linux). but noticed the version was a bit old so updated to 35.0.1916.153. Reproducible on that version (desktop view). Spinny-ness reproduced:


Inspect element:

animation: spin 2s infinite linear; seems to have been cancelled (not that Chrome seems to recognise it anyway,) but -webkit-animation: spin 2s infinite linear; appears to be still live. Unchecking it in the inspector stops the spin.

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For comparison, FF 32.0, no spin occuring, but CSS seems live…

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those posts need rebaking, have you grabbed latest and rebaked?

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Ah - no. Thought it was just CSS…

Rebaking fixed it; my apologies.

Close please.

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FYI, going to do a full rebake on TDWTF shortly to fix all the old stuff.