Facebook login photo

(Tomo Vukasović) #1

When registered with Facebook photo is missing. That is not huge problem besides that user can’t change the profile photo anymore. It says for any image:

Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.

I tried to change it as admin and still same error message.

Facebook App login icon?
(Michael Downey) #2

Just to check, is your Facebook profile photo publicly available? (Open up a new browser session without being logged in and try to view your profile as an anonymous user.)

(Jeff Atwood) #3

We don’t pull across photos at the time of account creation from Facebook to my knowledge? It was discussed as a potential improvement, unless a community PR got accepted recently, this doesn’t happen.

(Tomo Vukasović) #4

@downey you are correct

What about second issue. Not being able to upload new photo…any photo.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Can you upload a profile image on http://try.discourse.org?

(Tomo Vukasović) #6

It works there. The difference is that it changed the photo into system avatar with a letter of the name. This did not happen in my installation. It looked like a broken image.

(Tomo Vukasović) #7

It seems I forgot to install imagemagick. Which changed broken images into system avatars but upload is still showing same error. Should I rebuild?

(Jeff Atwood) #8

You should be using our standard Docker based install, we cannot support any other kind of install.