Facebook login with wrong callback url

(Pedro) #1

I did the setup the Facebook login as in the other topic, but my login popup is calling the wrong callback url.
My forum url is http://forum.beenoculus.com and the popup is calling as http://discourse/auth/facebook/callback .

I checked my app.yml and this have the right url.
I had installed my forum with Docker.

Thanks in advance.

(Kane York) #2

Try rebuilding the container? Your running Discourse has the wrong idea of where it can be reached.

(Pedro) #3

I just did it, and still not work.

(Kane York) #4

Hm, try this:

Warning, this has a risk of data loss on a live site - mostly emails, rate limits, double-counting views, etc.
Your site is not currently “alive” by the sounds of it.

./launcher enter app
rails c
exit # repeat